Top Accessories of 2018

One of the most enjoyable aspects of putting an outfit together is finding the accessories to help get the most from the outfit.

Whether you are shopping for something new or you already have a treasure chest of accessories that you can search through, it is always fun.

By looking ahead at the accessory trends for 2018, it means you can get a head start on looking through to see what you already have and what you will need to add to your wardrobe.

Bum Bags

That’s right, the item that was consigned to the ‘fashion don’ts’ bin since the early 90’s has made an incredible return.

It’s not just sporty bum bags that you are more likely to see on holiday makers that are going to be hot this year, belt bags by top designers are being seen as a great alternative to handbags and because they leave you hands free they are actually quite efficient too.

Either raid charity and vintage shops or visit your favourite designer depending on your budget and taste.


When the weather picks up you will want to have a pair of sunglasses that make a statement. This year sleek, sharp, Matrix style sunglasses are due to be popular.

Big Earrings

Pat Butcher would have been in her element as the trend for big earrings makes a dramatic comeback.

Always a good statement piece, a big, bold earring will be an important accessory in 2018. This is another trend nabbed from the 80s/90s making it possible for you to grab some vintage bargains before the popularity and prices inevitably rise.

Black Berets

A look that might make you think of the mid 90’s classic ‘Clueless’, the black beret is due to make a storming comeback this year. As well as Baker Boy hats the Beret has been given the nod to be a big part of 2018s fashion.


Big chunky platforms, the likes of which were last seen on the Spice Girls are due for a return.

These are great for giving you that bit of extra height without the hassle of wearing heels. They are a great comfortable option but they so take a bit of getting used to.

Straw Bags

Are you looking for an alternative to the tote? Straw bags could be the answer.

Don’t rush to bin your tote just yet because they are still great bags, this just gives you more options and there is something almost ‘beach bag’ about them making them great summer bags.

There you have it, some of the must have accessories that will be coming to a High St near you soon. Try and get a head start by starting your shopping early and see if you can grab some bargains.

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