Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor Clothing Must Haves

Getting out and exploring the countryside or making a serious effort to conquer some great hills and mountains is not something you should think about doing without preparing first.

It is incredible the amount of people that find themselves in difficulty after setting off under prepared then get lost. Not only is it dangerous but it is incredibly thoughtless with rescue teams often having to put themselves at risk to save these people, sometimes at huge expense.

There are a few key pieces that should be a staple for anyone thinking about going out into the wilderness that will keep them safe and warm.

Portable Antenna

The chances are that if you are out and about you will have your phone with you. It can be extremely handy and even save your life if you know what you are doing.

Mobile signals can be a bit hit or miss especially if you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere. If you get lost and can’t get a signal your phone won’t be a big help, taking a portable antenna will help you to boost your signal strength enough to make that important call.

Another thing worth thinking about is the light on your phone. There will be an SOS setting which could help a search party find you in the dark if you can only give a vague description of where you are.

Suitable Footwear

If you plan on hiking, walking, hill walking or any of the above then you will need to think about suitable footwear.

Depending on the terrain and weather you can opt for boots (which can offer the ankle extra support for difficult terrain) or shoes. You can also decide whether you are likely to be out walking in bad weather to decide if waterproofing will be a big part of what you need.

Inc=vesting in a good pair of shoes or boots could be the difference between a wonderful experience or a twisted ankle and blisters.


That should be a given but you should have a jacket that is not only waterproof but breathable. You don’t want to be kept dry from the rain only to be doused in sweat so make sure you find a good quality jacket for your outdoor expeditions.


A bag that can hold your essentials and is comfortable will go a long way to making your expedition more enjoyable. If you need to take a ten and water this will already start to weigh quite a lot before you factor in food and other essential items.

A good bag that is compartmentalised will let you get things you need quickly and easily without having to empty the whole thing.

Base Layers

You never want to find yourself exposed to the elements but if you do your base layers should go a good way to keeping you nice and warm. You can pick up some great deals on outdoor clothing so there really is no need to find yourself in difficulty if you prepare before you leave.


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