Cycling Essentials

Cycling is a great way to get a bit fitter and see more of the world while doing it. As more of us take an interest in leading a more active lifestyle, cycling has enjoyed a boost in popularity.

Road biking, off road biking, mountain biking, leisure, commuting, the list of ways we cycle goes on and on and with more money being put into cycle tracks and cycle friendly areas in cities around the UK we thought we would look at some essentials for anyone thinking of climbing back on their bike.


As you can imagine with something like cycling, your safety should be paramount. Some people avoid wearing helmets because of how they look but when you look at the statistics behind it, cyclists should all be wearing helmets.

There is a strong school of thought that it impairs visibility and movement but when you compare that to the damage a minor road traffic collision  can cause it really shouldn’t be a debate at all.

Safety Gear

You might find it useful to wear other safety gear, especially if you haven’t been on a bike for a while. Knee or elbow pads can offer a bit of extra protection and can be hidden under trousers.


Your hands might not be used to gripping on to your handlebars for extended periods of time. A good pair of gloves should help you to avoid getting blisters and also protect your hands from the cold.

Padded Shorts

Padded shorts or trousers can be a god send. No matter how hard they try you will never get a bike seat that stays comfortable for a prolonged period of time. Padded shorts can help with that and will also help to cut out chaffing which can be another uncomfortable effect of cycling.

Reflective Wear

Being seen on the roads is a huge part of staying safe. Wearing clothing or reflective strips is an excellent way to make other road users aware of your presence. Lights are also an essential part of any bike so even if the light is fading or you plan to cycle at night your lights will help you to be seen and also help guide your way along, sometimes pothole ridden, roads.

Cycle Clothing

There are a few things that make clothing perfect for cycling, waterproof, form holding and bright.

Waterproof gear is essential for some countries but you can also find some great breathable options that won’t leave you soaked in sweat either.

Finding performance clothing that holds your body and muscles in place can cut down on chaffing and help to get the best performance from your body.

Being bright should always be a top priority, you want everyone else on the road to be aware that you are there so try to stay aware from dark or camouflage style clothing.

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